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Subcontractor Information

RABU Homes provides high quality construction services for Denver & surrounding areas

Individuals or entities interested in performing any work for Rabu
Construction, Inc. dba Rabu Homes must submit the following:


1.  An appropriate IRS form, such as:
A.  W-9 - US Citizen subject to withholding:  Request for Tax Payer Identification and Certification of EIN or SSN:

B. W-8ECI - Non US Citizen subject to withholding (Effectively Connected Income):   - Income is effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States.

Instructions for preparation of W-8ECI2. Certificate of General Liability Insurance with "Products In-process and
Completed Operations" and a Certificate of Automobile Liability Insurance for the duration of all work performed for Rabu Construction, Inc.

NOTE:  A. The General Liability must state that Rabu Construction, Inc. is "Additional Insured", and must include a "Waiver of Subjugation".
            B. The sub-contractor (Insured) must have their Insurer forward a Certificate of General Liability Insurance and Automobile Liability Insurance to:

Rabu Construction Inc.
760 South Garfield Street
Denver, CO 80209-500

Note:  A copy may be faxed to (303) 777-7092; however, a Certificate must be mailed to Rabu Construction, Inc. by the Insurer.

3. Certificate of Workman's Comp Insurance via US Mail to:

Rabu Construction Inc.
760 South Garfield Street
Denver, CO 80209-5002

4. List of references.

5. Any request for an up-front deposit for or payment prior to completion of 100% of the sub-contractor's work, and before Rabu Construction, Inc.'s acceptance of the work, must be accompanied with a Performance Bond.


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